Anglia Training Associates

Established in 1994 to produce dual screen sales training role plays, the company has continued to develop unique computer based training materials. These include:

Role Plays - Dual screen

Sales Creator - A sales call simulator with 240 video clips which can be instantly selected.

Job interview - Fo rhelping people handle the job interview. Two versions are available. 400 questions for Adults and Graduates and 128 questions for school leavers.


Specialist programmes

Transactional Analysis - An audio introduction to this important subject, with extensive information for learners. A dual screen feature allows plotting of live transactions.

Team Watcher - A unique behaviour recording and graphing programme for assessment, training and team building. It can be used with up to 8 named individuals, or an unlimited

number unnamed. It is easy to use with quick setup times. Results can be shown instantly on a data projector.


Complete Courses - This is a range of ready made courses, designed to be delivered via a dat projector.

All the course notes and backup materials are available on the host PC/laptop and no paperwork is involved. Coure can be delivered by inexperienced trainers. Course available


Managing Projects - 1 day

Managing Others Effectively - 3 Days

Managing Time - 1 Day

Behavioural Workplace Coaching - 1 Day

Handling Complaints Effectively - 1/2 Day

EffectiveTelephone Skills - 1 Day



The Perfect Presenter - An "autocue" progamme which can be used to run dual screen.

The Virtual Flip Chart - For making notes in meetings and training courses.


Management Simulations

WashBox Management Simulation - A whole Warwickshire company was created in Ovington. It produces washing machines for the leisure industry, but it only exists as a simulation!

The main versions run on PCs with 1 and 2 hour options. However, web based and paper based versions are also available. More....


Live on-line training - Training courses can be delivered anywhere direct to company sites on-line. Ask for details

Contact: 01953 883 953