Present: Cllrs Karen Weir (Chair), Janet Armstrong, Tim Birt, Rod Rumsby and Jeremy Woods.
In attendance: Heidi Frary (Clerk), DC Rogers and one member of the public.

516. To receive any apologies. CC Bowes

517. To accept any declaration(s) of interests. KW is now the licensee of Anne’s Cars. TB is a
director of the CAB. Clerk to reissue Breckland forms to be completed.

518. Minutes of the meetings held in September had been circulated before the meeting and were approved.

519. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting (not already included on the agenda)
• Local Plan. TB reported that previous comments have not been answered, the word
‘appropriate’ is still used throughout the document, there are no definitions of ‘rural settlement’,‘small village’ or ‘hamlet’ and Ovington is listed as having community facilities of Brovey Lair café. TB to draft a response and circulate for comments. TB to action

• Piping ditches – the Clerk has contacted the Environment Agency and they say that there is no
way to check the diameter and condition of pipes without major works.

• The hedge belonging to the Parish has been cut.

• A1075 meeting. The meeting was held however no documentation has been received by the
Clerk. TB to tell the Clerk what is outstanding and the Clerk to chase.

• Complaint about barking dogs – the issue has been resolved.

520. Correspondence
• The Allotment Association request hedge maintenance by the Parish Council of the hedges
surrounding the allotments. There was discussion surrounding the responsibility for hedge
cutting and it was agreed that the hedge would be cut by local volunteers as soon as they can.
Clerk to respond

• Better Broadband for Norfolk – fibre cables will be installed within the next six to twelve months.

• Residents have asked for a date for the 2017 Gravity Race. Provisional date is 5th August
2017, to be discussed as a separate meeting in the spring.

521. To consider the view of the Council about the following planning applications
• None.
522. To review and update the FOI policy and procedures in light of a recent FOI request
It was agreed that the policy was followed correctly. TB suggested that all results should be
published on the website for transparency which is common policy. It was noted that request would need to be redacted before publishing. It was agreed that this should become Council Policy and the Clerk to publish the recent request and response.
Proposed: TB, seconded: JW. Clerk to action.

523. Parish Footpaths update
TB was given a historic map of the area which he will share with the Norfolk Records Office. A copy to be placed on the new website. It was noted that the footpaths do not tie exactly with the current footpaths which will be discussed at a future date.

TB reported that road repairs have been completed in the Parish. A previous visit by Paul Sellick, Highway Engineer highlighted that the wrong surface dressing has been used and some potholes have been missed. Clerk to contact Paul Sellick and request another site visit copying CC Bowes into the email.

524. ‘The Council resolves under Regulation 3(1) of the Local Government Pension Scheme
Regulations 2013 that Ovington Parish council should be designated as being eligible for
membership of the LGPS with effect from 1st November 2016’. Proposed: KW seconded: TB

525. Payment of Accounts and precept update
The Clerk distributed a precept update and the following payments were approved
• Clerks Wages s/o £109.45
• Clerks extra payment for website update (grant received) chq 752 £144.00
• Clerks reimbursements chq 753 £42.75
• Barford Parish Council (share of Clerks chair) chq 754 £22.22
• Diocesan Board of Finance (Glebe Rent) chq 756 £600.00
• HMRC chq 757 £85.40
• Village Hall Hire chq 758 £41.50
• A Willer (Hedge Cutting) chq 759 £90.00
• J Woods (renewal of Ovington Village domain name) chq 760 £33.59
Proposed: KW, seconded: RR
The Clerk confirmed that £190 has been received to purchase software. This is being held as
ring fenced funds.

526. To agree the donations for this year and the precept for next year.
TB declared an interest in the donation to the CAB as he is on the board of directors and left the room.

Ovington PCC Donation for grass cutting 100.00
Air Ambulance Donation 100.00
First Response Donation 100.00
Citizens Advice Bureau Donation 300.00
Each Donation 100.00
Norfolk Accident Rescue Donation 100.00
Total Payments 800.00

Proposed by RR, seconded by JW and cheques to be written at the next meeting.
TB re-entered the room at 8.40pm
Precept Calculations were discussed and will be brought to the next meeting for agreement.

527. Adjournment for Public Participation
• A resident noted that there has been an increase in traffic through the village. It was agreed that there would be a community speedwatch in the near future however there was nothing that
could be done about the volume of traffic.

528. Future Business
Agreement of the precept 2017/18
Update of policies

529. Date of Next Meetings: 5 January, 2 March, 4 May (Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting), 6 July, 7 September and 2 November 2017, all at 7.30pm

Meeting closed at 9.10pm