Ovington Parish Facts

The Cleanest village in the world!

While it is difficult to produce an accurate figure for this there are probably 5 baths per head of population, not to mention toilets and washbasins.

This is due to Nick Sproston’s business of supplying obsolete bathroom fittings mainly to meet insurance claims and for period refurbishment. Sadly the stock is to be sold off soon, so village cleanliness will revert to normal.

Major Engineering Centre

Yes, it is hard to believe but the number of machine tools per head of population well exceeds the average. This is due to both business and amateur use. The oldest machine tool, a Drummond lathe dates from about 1900, with several more lathes existing, as well as drilling and milling machines and welders.

As far as can be ascertained this works out at about one machine tool per 10 people. Even Birmingham does not come near this! We even have a workshop dedicated to vintage motorcycle parts production. It all happens in Ovington.

How can anyone get through life without owning a lathe?

The Ovington Air Crash

A German Heinkel Bomber crashed in the village, having been brought down by a parachute and wire device on Watton Airfield. This is believed to have been a unique success for this weapon. The aircraft was recovered and even flew again, with an RAF crew.

Luckiest Soldiers - nearly!
“Ovington was one of the 31 “Thankful Villages” not to lose people during the First World War. All those who joined up, returned safely.”

Since writing this, further research shows that this is not quite true, as one person died.

Two Navies
The village navy has two divisions. One is seagoing and the other broads based. Total fleet size is some 7 boats. More here....

Ovington - The greenest village?
Is our village the greenest in the UK? The village now has 16 wind turbines, two solar power stations and many solar panel installations.The latest edition being at Stonehouse Barn.

Secret facts

This contains facts that have been verified, but you just have to guess which inhabitants were involved! Further contributions regarding these strange secrets will be welcomed, in extreme confidence.

  • Her Father owned a coal mine
  • His picture was on the front page of the Daily Telegraph
  • She put the feathers on all the arrows in the films Braveheart, Gladiator, 7 Years in Tibet and King Arthur. Her maiden name fits exactly with this activity! 
  • Her grandfather owned the Windmill on Carbrooke Road