Ovington Weather

The village experiences typical East Anglian weather.  However, we are able to accurately measure the village water table by means of a Precision Ornamental Non-nuclear Device or POND for short.

Ovington Water table


This is a highly accurate record of the water table trends in the village over recent years.  This gives a good picture of the current levels and supplementary observations back up trends i.e. flooding.This nearly occurred in February/March 2010 but serious damage was averted by a dry week following the heavy rain. April and May swung again into a drought mode which has lasted all summer. September reversed the trend towards a desert landscape. This pattern was however repeated in 2011 with no sign of prolonged rain and everyone remembers the summer of 2012! However, in spite of a cold and long winter, the water level went to drought mode in 2013 and did not reverse until later that year.

In 2014 another drought was experienced, which only came to an end in the beginning of December, with about a 50% rinse in level.

Visits can be arranged for scientific purposes, subject to an appointment being made.